Platform Fees
8-12% + payout processing/hidden fees
Videos & Photos
Videos, Photos, Audio, PDFs
Membership Tiers
Lifetime Memberships
Limited Edition Memberships
Membership Trials & Promo Codes
Paid DMs
Live Streaming
Free, Pay-per-Minute, 1-time fee
1-on-1 Calls
Free, 1 Time Fee or Pay-per-Minute
SMS Notifications
Watermarks & Screenshot Blocking Technology
Prevents Screenshots with Watermarks as a Backup
Auto-Tagged Content
Analytics per post & message
Variable Names Per Fan
Nickname, Template name, Notes for Mass DMs
Welcome Messages & Drip Campaigns
Queue posts & Mass DMs in advance
Smart Vault
Organize & Repurpose Content, AutoBlock from Duplicate Purchases
Auto-Blocking Vault
in individual and mass DMs, automatically blocks content from being sent and purchased twice
Post locked content or send with Mass DMs
1 pc of content per PPV
Tipping Limits (per 1 tip)
Can not Tip
E-Commerce Shops & Products
Instant Payouts
Same day with bank, or instantly with PayPal


What % of earnings does the platform take?

10% + 30 cents per transaction.

Can I refer talent?

You can get 5% of the earnings from creators you refer through our referral program. If you're an Agency, email us at

How quickly can I get paid out?

You can get paid out same day.

Is there a minimum follower count to join Passes?

You need at least 100,000 followers across social media accounts. Exceptions are made on a case-by-case basis

Is there nudity?

No. We run everything through our content moderation system to detect adult content.

Refer Friends & Receive 5% of Their Earnings.

Even if you’re currently on another competitor platform, partner with us, we’ll get you the earnings 😉

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