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Passes™ helps creators build meaningful relationships with fans, scale their businesses, and become entrepreneurs.

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Subscription Platform Built For Creators

Build community or connect with fans individually with customizable memberships. Limit DMs, grant access to certain posts, offer live streams or calls and create exclusive memberships.

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Make Money Connecting with Your Fans

Customize how you want to talk and interact with fans through the many features. Connect with fans directly through messages, video calls, live streams, posts, and comments.

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Membership Communities For Your SuperFans

Best Place for NIL Athletes & Creators

Passes platform is supporting University of Texas Longhorns. Connect with your favorite athletes and donate to the one fund to support the teams!

We provide creators with the tools they need to scale their business and become entrepreneurs.

Interact with your fans at scale, in real-time. Earn additional dollars through tips in the chat.
Paid Direct Messages
Earn revenue by chatting 1 on 1 with your fans through unlockable photos, videos, and messages.
Pay per Minute 1 on 1 Calls
Share your knowledge, give advice, and have more personable conversations 1 on 1 all while keeping your personal number private.
Custom discount codes and free trials
Soon! Receive gifts without revealing personal information.

Anti Screenshot Technology and Unique Watermarks.

Passes™ Technology stops users from screenshoting your locked media. Unique watermarks enable us to find out exactly who did it and help our DMCA team take down any leaks of your Passes content on the internet.

Creators make the most money on Passes™ because of our feature set. And they keep more money.

Our base package is only 10% + 30c a transaction. Which means you keep ~90%

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We've curated our community to ensure high quality content for fans. We have some of the lowest fees, best features, and tools to help you make the most money possible.

Announces $40M in Series A Funding
Announces $40M in Series A Funding

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Frequently Asked Questions

What % of earnings does the platform take?

10% + 30 cents per transaction.

Can I refer talent?

You can get up to $10,000 cash from creators you refer through our referral program. If you're an Agency, email us at help@passes.com.

How quickly can I get paid out?

You can get paid out same day.

Is there a minimum follower count to join?

You need at least 100,000 followers across social media accounts. Exceptions are made on a case-by-case basis.

Is there nudity?

No. We run everything through our content moderation system to detect adult content.

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