Our Commitment to Security

Effective as of December 27, 2022.

Passes, Inc. follows the guidelines set by the International Standards Organization (ISO) for all certified members. We follow our Quality Service System (QSS) that is committed to the safety and security of all confidential material, physical and electronic. This helps us ensure compliance with government legislation on both the state and federal levels. Moreover, Passes’ commitment to the safety and security of all sensitive material extends beyond legislative compliance, ensuring:

  1. Infrastructure Environment
    All physical and electronic information is held and processed within the United States.

  2. Physical Infrastructure Environment
    All electronic information is stored securely on Passes hardware with integrated redundancy, system backups and offsite storage.

  3. Monitoring
    Passes employs an internal team of dedicated IT professionals who maintain a secure environment for all information processing and storage. All customer data is stored in house to ensure maximum security.

  4. Auditing & Testing
    Through Quality Service Systems (QSS), Passes constantly audits, monitors and tests all systems, regularly upgrading security and systems to ensure best practices are maintained.

  5. Teamwork
    Consistent training of all Passes team members around privacy and security best practices. Our commitment to security and confidentiality ensures that our clients can be secure in the knowledge that Passes treats all confidential information with the highest integrity. For further information, please see our Privacy Policy.